Book or Movie Review

Book/Movie Review

To provide a commentary on a book you have read or a movie you have seen. Your goal is to persuade or discourage the audience to read the book or view the movie.
Select a book or a movie that will be topical or of interest to the audience.

When preparing
Prepare a mini-speech around the item you have selected, remembering to have a proper opening, body and conclusion.
As with all assignments, prepare and rehearse to ensure correct timing.

Before the meeting begins
Inform the Chairman of your title, and how you would like him/her to introduce you.

What to do during your assignment
You may wish to show the audience a copy of a book, but don’t let such a prop become a distraction or the focus of the speech.  Don’t summarise the plot. Rather highlight the nature of the book or movie, its intriguing aspects and what you feel were its good and poor aspects.

This speech should be delivered with minimal notes in a style which re-flects your passion for for what you are presenting. Remember to use pauses for impact and to give people a chace to absorb the significance of your message.
When you are finished, hand back to the Chairman.

That is the end of your assignment. You will be evaluated by the General Evaluator.

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