The object is to make people LAUGH, with short CLEAN jokes, humorous anecdotes or stories. Do not use material that some people may find of-fensive.
The idea of telling jokes or stories is to allow you to relax about the content and concentrate on the delivery. The assignment works best when the material is very familiar to you. Then when you’re up there, you are speaking casually, rather than reading from notes.

When preparing
Prepare the jokes or stories. The best idea is to use material you have used before in other circumstances. You already know it and you can concentrate on delivery.
It is sometimes better to try for 3 quick laughs than to use 1 long story that may not have as big an impact as you would like.
As with all assignments, prepare and rehearse to ensure correct timing.
If you must use notes, ensure that they are brief and in large print.

Before the meeting begins
Inform the Chairman who is scheduled to introduce you if there is any special way you would like to be introduced.

During your assignment
Deliver the material, remembering people laugh when they are relaxed. This won’t happen unless you also are relaxed.
When you are finished, hand back to the Chairman.

That is the end of your assignment. You will be evaluated by the General Evaluator

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